Windows Phone 7 Mango's new Music + Video hub

The Windows Phone Dev team took the time today to post a lengthy description of the new Music + Video hub being introduced in Windows Phone 7 Mango this fall. Aside from the new features that we have already seen like Podcast downloads (US only unfortunately) and Smart DJ, new playback controls and lock-screen options; the new hub is also packed with little improvements that should make it easier to navigated and use.

Many Windows Phone 7 users are still unaware that taping on the album cover will reveal the shuffle and repeat options so Microsoft has decided to re-locate them so that they are now easier to access. The playback buttons are also now above the album art and aligned with the mini-playback controls found on the lock-screen. The background artist images have apparently been improved for better visibility but it’s still not known if the nasty color banding will gone. In Mango the users will also finally be able to create his own playlists directly on the phone. Unfortunately there’s still no way to seek through a song or video via the timeline (using the forward/rewind buttons suck IMO). Anyway, hit the source link for the full description and check out a list of all the new Microsoft Mango features here.

source: Microsoft