Windows Phone 7 Mango Bing Local Scout can work outside of the US and UK

There’s still some confusion surrounding some of the newly announced Windows Phone 7 Mango features, especially the Bing related ones like Local Scout, Bing Vision and the Quick Cards. As stated on Microsoft’s official Windows Phone website the Bing Local Scout “around me” feature is supposedly only supported in the US and the UK similar to the current Local search results in Windows Phone 7 pre-Mango. Interestingly Microsoft demonstrated this functionality alongside Bing Vision in nearly all of the VIP Mango events worldwide so it was safe to assume that it would be available to all consumers this fall.

Technically this is true because it can be enabled on in any region simply by setting the browser and search language to English (United States) in the phone’s settings (you can leave all your other regional settings untouched). Check out the short video I did using the Mango beta emulator and its integrated GPS simulator to show you that it really works as long as Microsoft has POIs and Local data for you location in the Bing database.

The applies to Bing Vision (it will work but the results will be in English). Voice-to-text and Text-to-voice should work in most countries already supported in the OS (Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and probably newer ones).On the other hand, the voice activated search will most probably still only work in English since Tell Me doesn’t yet work with other languages yet. Bing audio will only work in US, UK , France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Microsoft was reluctant to talk and demo some of the other Bing Mango features (turn-by-turn navigation, Twitter integration ..) because they still weren’t fully up in running in the current build.

  • TD

    It’s so frustrating being in Australia and seeing all these features that just don’t work like they should.  Yes I know we can change our settings to US English etc but the points of interest are still so weak that it’s hardly worth the effort.  I’m a full convert from iphone to WP7 but losing Google has really made the change hard.  I’m guessing while it may get better for western Europe with the purchase of Nokia, it still won’t help Aus much. Microsoft, spend some cash to improve Bing Australia so you can acutally standby your announcement of it being a new feature! Ps and get Zune streaming working here too! Seriously!! These are marketplace differentiators and yet only some of your customers get them.

  • Aggarwal Rahul

    I truly can tell that the mobile
    junkies will love this feature. If the talking cat was a trend this seems a
    more amazing. The avatar showing off the frustration when used rigorously
    tickles the funny bone and the graphics seem to be alluring. All I can say is
    great work!

  • Aggarwal Rahul

     I refer to the Xbox avatar that is a part of the 500 features of Mango.

  • Ringo

    Microsoft Germany confirmed the turn-by-turn integration at their Mango event and the local scout and turn-by-turn works in France as well and it’s almost completely localized. Change everything including the region to France/French and you’ll get a French local scout and french turn-by-turn navigation, including KM instead of miles and a french computer voice.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks for the info Ringo. I was unable to confirm this here cause the phone I had was setup in English (didn’t want to mess around with it and change it to french…). Did they say if navigation was localized in German (or any other language)?

  • Rocco Sifredi

    We need Bing to work like a charm in Norway to…that’s what we need if we buy an WP!

  • Garen Yöndem

    Thanks for tips, i was wondering why mine was opening in browser

  • Anonymous

    This does not work…at least not in Ireland