Third Party applications scrolling performance: Mango vs NoDo

As you already know Windows Phone 7 Mango will feature an improved ListboxControl which offloads the touch input and BtimapImage function from the UI thread to enable smooth scrolling. This was already demonstrated during MIX11 and also seen in my Mango hands on video here. The device I played with unfortunately didn’t have many 3rd party applications installed so I was unable to shoot a NoDo vs Mango video to compare the performance improvement using the same on application on both device. Fortunately for us somebody else did it. Hit the break to watch the short video:

As you can see even with zero code changes the scrolling performance and touch input are vastly improved on the Mango handset (on the right).

source: Kodierer

  • Pete Bennett

    Nice.  Although to some extend, scrolling responsiveness can also be affected by finger/sweat capacitance.  But Mango scrolling looks very nice.

    I especially appreciate the irony of using the Twitter app for the demonstration.