Windows Phone 7 Mango Marketplace on the Web

Something I didn’t talk about in my Windows Phone 7 Mango preview yesterday was the announcement of the Web version of Marketplace that will launch with the new OS later this fall. This will essentially enable users to purchase, reviews browse application directly from their web browser instead of using the Zune desktop software. When an application is bought (or a free/trial) and an sms or email containing a link will be sent to the phone allowing the user to install it over the air [Update: Microsoft is now saying that there will be no link sent and that the installation will happen automatically] if the services is running on the phone. Nothing groundbreaking obviously but it’s a step in the right direction.

source: Microsoft

  • Aggarwal Rahul

    The web-based Marketplace will
    let its users select and buy any of those 17,000 apps available on its platform
    on a web browser and can be transferred to their Window phone over the air. The
    option of using SMS in case of non availability of the web marketplace service
    is a smart move from Microsoft thus enabling its users to turn on the
    broadcasted service before even the software is downloaded and installed. Also
    the company expecting the users to install the apps in the background is fair
    enough. Another milestone set by the PC giant and also a challenge for the
    androids is the Multitasking feature on the Mango OS. The prime focus of Mango
    being the is also something to look out for enhanced cloud integration and
    better platform tools for developers is a noteworthy highlight.