Nokia won't promise Windows Phone 7 handsets this year but things are on schedule

As I pointed out a few days ago Nokia doesn’t want to promise the launch of its first Windows Phone 7 handsets this year even though everything is apparently on schedule according to Microsoft and other industry sources. This may have something to do with the possibility that those devices will be in relatively short supply when they finally hit the market in time for the holidays.

Nokia has been a big advocate and supporter of NFC chips and is still planning on including them in its future Symbian and Windows Phones but declined to say if the first handsets will have such a chip. One thing that Nokia isn’t afraid to talk about is the Chinese market. According to Jo Harlow, the company is currently developing CDMA Windows Phones in Beijing, China, and most probably wishes to launch them in volumes early next year. This is in parts made possible by the new East-Asian language support in the upcoming Mango release.

According to Taiwan’s Commercial Times sources, Nokia has contracted Compal to build its first two Windows Phones: A full touch screen model and as smaller model with a keypad.

source: Forbes, Reuters

  • WixosTrix

    Maybe they are just being cautious of Microsoft traditional record of missing foretold availability dates.  Nothing to get worked up about.  They’ll come soon enough.