Windows Phone 7 Mango Marketplace on the Web

Something I didn’t talk about in my Windows Phone 7 Mango preview yesterday was the announcement of the Web version of Marketplace that will launch with the new OS later this fall. This will essentially enable users to purchase, reviews browse application directly from their web browser instead of using the Zune desktop software. When an application is bought (or a free/trial) and an sms or email containing a link will be sent to the phone allowing the user to install it over the air [Update: Microsoft is now saying that there will be no link sent and that the installation will happen automatically] if the services is running on the phone. Nothing groundbreaking obviously but it’s a step in the right direction.

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Hydro Thunder Go hands on video

The first game of the 6 weeks of Must Have Games promo event is now released and it’s as previously announced: Hydro Thunder Go. Hydro Thunder was organically an arcade game developed by Midway back in 1999 and release in the same year on the Sega Dreamcast console. The game essentially consists of racing high speed transformable speedboats through crazy looking race tracks environments that are constantly changing. You will have access to 9 race environments and 12 different speedboats alongside several Xbox Live achievements.

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Nokia won’t promise Windows Phone 7 handsets this year but things are on schedule

As I pointed out a few days ago Nokia doesn’t want to promise the launch of its first Windows Phone 7 handsets this year even though everything is apparently on schedule according to Microsoft and other industry sources. This may have something to do with the possibility that those devices will be in relatively short supply when they finally hit the market in time for the holidays.

Nokia has been a big advocate and supporter of NFC chips and is still planning on including them in its future Symbian and Windows Phones but declined to say if the first handsets will have such a chip. One thing that Nokia isn’t afraid to talk about is the Chinese market. According to Jo Harlow, the company is currently developing CDMA Windows Phones in Beijing, China, and most probably wishes to launch them in volumes early next year. This is in parts made possible by the new East-Asian language support in the upcoming Mango release.

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Preview

Can’t get enough of Windows Phone 7 Mango ? I just came back from the Paris unveiling event with quite a bit of info regarding the first major update of Microsoft’s mobile OS. First let me start by pointing out to the previous Mango post I did about the new APIs and Developer related features here and here. Today’s preview will mainly focus on the consumer experience and some other bits of info that you may have not heard of before.

There’s obviously not much to say that already hasn’t been said earlier and even shown in official videos. The first question on everybody’s mind is most probably: When is Mango going to be released? Well the official answer is this Autumn but from what I’ve been told there won’t be a official launch day similar to what was done last year with Windows Phone 7. Instead, OEMs will start launching their devices when they are ready. This essentially means that once Mango is RTM and certified by carriers, manufacturers will integrate the gold code into their upcoming phones and start shipping them once they are ready. There will be a steady release of Mango handsets throughout the fall season and holidays.

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Windows Phone 7 Developers to get early access to Mango

In case you’ve missed my ReTweet a couple of hours ago I would like to point out some good news courtesy of Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore. As you can see in the screens hot above, Microsoft is working on a way to give Windows Phone 7 developers early access to Mango before the official retail launch / roll-out this fall. This will be somewhat similar to how Apple has been pushing out dev/beta builds of iOS prior to the public release.

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