Windows Phone 7 Mango is Windows Phone 7.1 ?

Here’s something interesting: Windows Phone 7 Mango is actually Windows Phone 7.1 and not Windows Phone 7.5 according to the MSDN online documentation. This can be surprising to some but it is following a certain logic if you look at the current OS build number: 7.0.7392. This essentially means that Mango will be build 7.1.XXXX. Anyway,  this may or may not be a place holder name so I will just suggest that you all wait patiently until the official unveiling later today (and no I won’t post about all the wacky rumors currently circulating… but keep an eye on Twitter).

At the end of the day, it doesn’t flipping matters anyway

source: MSDN, MSDN

  • Me

    do not get to excited the changes in wp7 7.1 are small