All Windows Phone 7 Mango features demoed on video

Here are all all the new major features introduced in Mango demonstrated in video. Hit the break to watch the new home screen, Groups, Multi-tasking, Local Scout, IE9 Mobile and much more:

Update: Check out my hands-on preview of Mango here.

Start Screen:

Threads in Windows Phone:

IE9 Mobile


Local Scout:

Third Party Multi-Tasking:

  • Anonymous

    What happened to all the enterprise features? They didn’t even demo any, or announce any? Was this not the appropriate place to show or talk about them?

    As for what they showed, it all looked incredible. But there’s one massive problem inside of Microsoft, and it’s one of sheer stupidity and laziness. That problem is their “USA only” mindset. When are the idiots at Microsoft going to realize that they are never going to compete with Google and Apple as long as they limit some of their best features and services to the U.S.? That makes them irrelevant outside of the U.S., which makes them a dead platform. It makes Bing irrelevant outside of the U.S. Do they think when Apple releases a new iTunes that it’s going to be a U.S. only product? Why would anyone outside the U.S. buy a WP7 device, when they don’t even have access to a number of great features? Answer? They don’t.

    The folks at Microsoft better wake the hell up and pull their heads out of their butts.

  • Le’var Mouzone

    If you had seen the live show, at the end the guy said that what they had shown was not all of what they have to offer. More demos and news would be release during the coming two weeks.

  • Anonymous

    I certainly hope so Le’Var, because that little press conference was weak sauce compared to what I was expecting. But what they should have done was have a much bigger 2 hour press conference with Joe Belfiore, showing off Mango is every detail. The press conference is what’s going to be pass off as news.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft really did well in this showing.  Unfortunately, with their terribad marketing, no one will know about it but the people who tuned into that webcast….