Steve Ballmer teases Windows Phone 7 Mango. Promises new features

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer was on stage at the company’s Japan developer conference today to tease tomorrow Windows Phone 7 Mango event and promised that the OS update will include “500 new features”. Just keep in mind that this is just a PR number which is thrown out there to make some buzz. Mango will include over 1500+ APIS thanks to the inclusion of Silverlight 4 in addition to a handful of new improvements and services that we have already heard about in the past few weeks. Don’t let the hype and often totally wacky rumors (which are in full force lately as usual before an event..) get to your head though. Everything will be known tomorrow.

source: via wmpu

  • Aggarwal Rahul

    When compared to Google’s Android
    and Apple iphone, Window phone was not a match for the features. Though the
    android gained all the attention and surpassed the iphone devices it was high
    time for the window phone to come up with something unique to catch up with the
    growing trends in the mobile space. Mango, as the iphone 7.5 is coded as
    promised by the PC gaint CEO of having 500 unique features is a sure factor for
    curiosity and the buzz will be around soon. All I can see is to wait and watch
    to know if the Microsoft’s Mango is sweet or sour!