Only 1.6 Million Windows Phone 7 devices sold in Q1 2011. Outsold by Windows Mobile 6.X

Ready for non-scientific sales numbers? According to Gartner’s latest mobile sales report, only 1.6 Million Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold in Q1 2011 out of the 3.6 Million Windows Phone handsets sold in the same period. This essentially means that 2 Million Windows Mobile 6.X were have already been sold this year even though this OS is “dead”. Not a good sign right? I’ve heard a few days ago from a carrier here that WP7 sales were alarming so this new report isn’t surprising me at all. The windows Phone marketshare went from 6.8% in Q1 2010 to 3.6% today.

There’s barely any marketing push right now and Microsoft seems to only rely on buzz generate by blogs and the hope that future Nokia devices will help boost the platform adoption rate…Not a good strategy…


source: Gartner via engadget

  • Anonymous

    Who in their fucking right mind would buy a Windows Mobile device? Are these people brain dead. As for Windows Phone, talk to me after Mango and Nokia phones hit. If you actually do the research, you’ll see WP7 is ahead of where iOS and Android were at this point, in a more competitive market.

  • Mark Gibbs

    who was the carrier that you heard this from ? T-Mobile ?
    also I don’t understand wy there are not good sales because it is a better device than an android, close to a iphone but I think the problem is when you walk into a cell phone store you have phones on both walls, 99.9% of them are androids .. 1 WP7 1 Apple and maybee 3 or 3 blackberries. there is no way to find in all that a Windows Phone unless your looking for it when you walk in 

  • MobileTechWorld

    Nope not T-Mobile (there’s no T-Mobile/Deutsch Telecom) herein France. Can’t publicly name the carrier sorry…it’s one o the big 3 (BT, Orange, SFR..) ;-)
    Regarding poor sales: No frigging Marketing = no sales. simple as that. Like you said, there’s no way to buy a WP7 device unless you are specifically look for one. Carriers are just worthless and will always sell you an iPhone or Android handset instead.

  • Ef Jay

    I have to ask where WM devices are actually being sold, are they still available in Europe? US carriers dont seem to have them and frankly I would be surprised anyone would buy a WM device over an android or iphone, let alone WP7. 

  • Ef Jay

    Still, there is no getting away from the fact that Microsoft’s marketing is abysmal, device choice is underwhelming and market bias against anything Microsoft is at its highest level. Microsoft should be out there themselves fighting to make sure the OS is showcased as much as possible, ALL their so called partners dont seem the least bit interested. Its definitely Microsoft and Nokia against the world! 

  • Anon

    From what I understand, WM6.x is still ahead of WP7 on some core features, including syncing with Outlook (something MS has refused to address, yet is requested time and time again on their forums).

  • Ef Jay

    Syncing with outlook was one of the most reported features that did not work properly, from duplicate entries to deleted data. With WP7′s sync to Windows Live I have not had that problem and dont have to worry about my local pst file getting corrupt or my phone failing before i can sync my latest data to it. People need to accept that WP7 is not a continuation of WM, and features that were present before may not fit into MS’s vision for WP7. No point moaning about it, just go with an os that does have the functionality you need.

  • No

    No local translations in lots of countries might make for bad sales of WP7 and still lead to WinMo.
    I’d love to get a WP7 device, but why is it that I can buy a HTC Trophy for around 350euro’s over here in The Netherlands while they are on sale in Germany for half that price at Amazon?!

    I’d feel ripped off buying one. But perhaps that’s just me being cheap…

  • Anon

    Outlook sync is not something I personally want, but it seems like a lot of other customers do. If it’s a broken feature, then fixing it — or developing it from scratch in the case of WP7 — is another answer, and one that satisfies their customers. Apple is a company that wants to fulfill its own vision. MS has always been a company to fulfill the vision of its customers. If MS’s message is really, “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it,” that might be a reason we’re seeing more people buy the old, dead version than the new one.

  • Dtinker_tx

    ATnT store didn’t even suggest a windows phone (I was trying to see what they would try to pass off on me).  After listening to him drone on about the I phone for awhile I told him I wanted a Samsung Focus.  I walked out with my phone, 8meg card, car charger, and case for $155.00.  Sorry but I refuse to pay 200+ when I can get internet, office, all my external emails one one device for fifty bucks + accessories/fees. I havn’t had any problems with my samsung yet.  Its been very stable and is currently running 7390. 

    Compared to the other OS out there WP7 is going to have parity with mango, a heck of alot faster then those other guys were ablt to manage it.

    Microsofts PR does stink though.

  • Anonymous

     I never had a problem with direct sync to Outlook with Windows Mobile 6.x.  On the other hand, I have experienced duplicate entries and the return of deleted appointments with Windows Mobile 7 and synching through the Windows Live cloud.

    And did you forget all about the lack of Task support (via Outlook connector)?  As a power Outlook user, I really miss managing my Tasks on both my phone and laptop.

  • Aggarwal Rahul

    The WP7 now having the
    languishing phase is not even a worth competitor to the androids and the apple
    smartphones. The market share of the mobile industry is mainly that of the
    androids and with a future prediction of this being also a reality in the present
    times is also a threat to the WP7.

  • Song

    Well, for starters there are two quite obvious reasons:

    1. WP7 phones are even now, hard to come by at some locations and are about 2x more pricey than the WM6.5 which is still less than an year old OS.

    2. WP7 is an average-day-Joe phone and has been stripped of almost all the Enterprise use tablet PCish features which made the WM5&6 series so compelling for Enterprise use (inventory management, sales tablets etc). This was a deliberate decision by M$ to make WP7 more compelling for normal users and be more like an social-aware-phone vs. hand held PC which WM5&6 were…

  • Santtu

    They are still available here in Europe prolly due to more carrier disconnected mobile model (almost all phones are unlocked and sold separately from SIM cards)…

    And retailers like to empty their stores out of anything they’ve bought… and as previously people have mentioned, WM6.5 is still superior to WM7 (at least pre-Mango) in many categories with half the price.

    Also remember average-Joe (most mobile users and 99% out of iPhone ;P users) does not understand anything about phone specs and abilities over another, ‘specially since WM7 marketing has been non-existent comparing to Android and iPhone

    btw, I am an WM6.1 and WP7 owner and developer (not connected to M$ in any way)