Microsoft delays Angry Birds until end of June, announces dates and prices of upcoming Xbox Live games

Contrary to what was officially announced last month Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 won’t be out until June 29th (priced at $2.99). Microsoft just can’t get the PR right it seems. The 6 weeks of must have game campaign was initially set to start on April 9th but the company silently delayed the whole thing without saying anything about the whole situation and left people wondering what was going on.

We are now learning that it will now debut next week on May 25th (the day Angry was supposed to launch) with the availibility of Hydro Thunder GO for $4.99 it will be followed by Doodle Jump on June 1st for $2.99, GeoDefense on June 8 for $2.99, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I on June 15th for $6.99(!), Plants vs Zombies on June 22 for $4.99 and finally Angry Birds.

Source: Microsoft