Unified Email Inbox coming to Windows Phone 7 Mango

Microsoft has apparently added one of the most wanted feature into Windows Phone 7′s next major update coming out later this fall dubbed Mango. The lack of unified email inbox was one of the missing feature that I complained about in my Windows Phone 7 review so I’m fairly happy to see that it may be coming out sooner rather than later. Based on the screenshot above which appeared in an official Microsoft email sent to the press in New Zealand last wee the unified inbox functionality will be named Linked Inbox.

The other thing that I hope is fixed in Mango is the SMS,MMS, and email integration/connection with the contacts card in the people’s hub. As of right now it’s really useless (it only shows mail containing certain attachments and links to the online Hotmail website instead of the phone’s email client…)

via Neowin

  • Anon

    I love that I keep hearing about more and more new stuff Mango is going to be bringing us. I feel myself getting excited again. MS kinda burned us with the botched update last go around, but copy/paste works well and I use it a lot. I really hope they keep up the pace, continue revealing more and more Mango goodness, and then deliver on the sweetness.

  • Nataku

    why am i getting the feeling they won’t start the “marketing push” until Mango finishes most of the catching up now…