Samsung Windows Phone 7 update roll out resumed

Microsoft has just resumed the roll out of the Windows Phone 7 Nodo and 7392 security updates for the Samsung devices just a couple of hours after the release of Samsung’s patch for the Omnia 7. As you can see the screenshot above I just received the 7392 update notification. Any Samsung Focus Owner getting the update notification or are the Omnia 7 device’s only affected right now? Please post a comment below to let everybody know.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that the roll out has restarted but just for Omnia 7 devices. The company is still putting the finishing touches to the Samsung Focus package. If your Samsung Omnia7 doesn’t received the update this week then you should get it next Tuesday. Operators being targeted in later phases include Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and SFR. Only Open Market / Unbranded phones were targeted today.

  • ulub81

     Just got the update notification for 7392! An hour before there was no update!

  • Pete Bennett

    Same here.  Plugged into Zune and got the update notification immediately.  Installing now on my de-branded t-mobile Omnia 7.

    I’ve not had to install the patch, but I guess others will have to.

  • Pete Bennett

    Seamless update.  No problems at all and no need for the Samsung patch.

  • Constantin Moraru

     Just updated mine. Everything worked well.

  • Ryan Perkins1

    Still no update for me on t-mobile uk. still displays 7390 as the current version. I used the chevron tool to update and the subsequent fix to solve any problems. Somebody said earlier they had received the update on t-mobile uk, is anyone else not receiving the update? 

  • Anonymous

    HELP!   I cannot enter download mode.  I press the two buttons and it shows a “connect usb” image. No yellow triangle.
    I read somewhere that some Omnia7s have locked download mode? Is that true?  What should i do?!  PLEASE!  Thanks

  • Alex

    Omnia 7 with bootloader (settings ->info) can not enter download mode.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, am I doing something wrong with my Omnia 7 (German/no branding)??? 
    I never got any updates. Zune says:
    “Your phone is up to date. Current phone software version: 7.0 (7004)”

  • Ccmd_232

     I just got the update and finished updating successfully wihout using the Samsung Omnia 7 Update Tool released recently.

  • Anonymous

    “If you don’t see [the update] today, look again next Tuesday when we plan to deliver updates to additional Omnia 7 customers. Operators being targeted in later phases include Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and SFR. ” 

  • Rcbapb

    Well, that’s the one I have. So what now? I can’t update, because it hangs at step 6 (I tried), and I can’t patch, because the download mode doesn’t work…

  • Carol Chisholm

    Just be aware that is you have bootloader you cant upgrade or fix your phone.

  • Chris

    I got the update and finished updating successfully with Zune.