More Windows Phone 7 Mango features revealed: SmartDJ and Notifications sounds support

A few more Windows Phone 7 Mango features have just been revealed today by the Windows Phone Dev podcast. I think that many user will be delighted to learn that the Zune SmartDJ feature is now support in the OS and that we can now “officially” turn-off the camera shutter sound! It is currently a pain to achieve this because lowering the device’s volume usually doesn’t disable the camera shutter sound (it’s quite random though, sometimes it works..).

Mango is shaping up to be a huge release and I sincerely hope that other annoying issues are also being fixed (Camera settings…).

source: WP Dev podcast

  • clubdirthill

    Isn’t there some law where phone cameras have to make a shutter sound? Interesting.

  • MobileTechWorld

     Yup but not in all countries I think. But AFAIK most phones/smartphones give the users the option to turn-off the shutter sound. You can do it in WP7 by setting the volume to 0 but this usually never works (bug? feature? one thing’s for sure’s f… annoying…)

  • Anonymous

    Even if you can’t turn off the shutter sound, you can always suppress the sound by calling your voice mail and then taking the picture.

  • Phoenix Ed

    naw it still makes the sound when you’re on the phone…have to have sound setting on 0