Sony Ericsson: No Window Phone 7 handsets if the OS doesn't take off

Just in case you didn’t get the memo earlier; Sony Ericsson isn’t going to build a Windows Phone 7 device anytime soon. According to Sony Ericsson’s CTO the company won’t be making any products if the operating system doesn’t take off. From a business perspective this is understandable given the company’s heavy Android push with it’s latest smartphone’s, the Android PlayStation development suite and the Sony NGP. Windows Phone 7 has yet to prove itself in the market and Microsoft’s total lack of communication around sales can only mean that things aren’t really catching up yet.

Frankly who needs another OEM when even the current ones can’t seem to take the platform seriously ? This is the reason why Microsoft felt the need to “buy” Nokia.

source: VentureBeat

  • George Barckley

    trust that there is a Windows Phone ecosystem brewing.  If i’m not mistaken, didn’t sony have the market in home entertainment until this crazy microsoft system, xbox, fumbled its way to be the leader.   

  • Anonymous

    Don’t want to get too cocky this early on, but who needs them. So they want to wait till Windows Phone jumps into third or second. Unless they plan to give phones away that will be too little to late.  

  • MobileTechWorld

     I think that Apple has proven that even with one SKU / Model you can be successful so having tons one more/less OEM isn’t going to fundamentally change anything. Microsoft just has to step up its Marketing (which currently seriously sucks) and get things done in a timely manner to (updates, new features etc) so prove that the platform is viable.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah Microsoft usually doesn’t win a market over night and the Xbox’s current success is a good example of it. On the other hand we can’t really compare both ecosystem given how vastly different they are in terms of pace and economics:

    1) A console’s life cycle is around 6 years compared to barely 1 year for a smartphone.

    2) Money is made through game’s and accessory sales on consoles. With WP7 licensing isn’t that huge and the and the 30% cut from the marketplace isn’t big either (even for the leader Apple who makes of of the $$ by selling hardware). MS just like Google’s Androd want’s to use the platform asa entry point to its other lucrative assets: Windows, Xbox Live, Advertising,Office, Bing, etc..) It’s a tiny bit more complicated.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good thing I don’t give a crap about Sony Ericsson and wouldn’t even look at their WP7 devices if they built some. Microsoft has LG, Samsung, HTC, Dell, Nokia, and Asus(will probably build a few) that are building WP7 phones. That’s all they need. Motorola is in the same boat. Microsoft doesn’t need them.

  • Anonymous

    Smart move, because I was planning on giving my money to Nokia this Christmas ;D

  • yardmanflex

    Sony Ericsson is not doing to well in the smartphone area anyway…so i don’t think it’s a blow..