Music Beta for Android announced and launched

Google has just announced and launched its new online cloud based music stream service called Music Beta. This new Zune Pass rival for Android powered devices and PCs has quite a few features that I wouldn’t mind having on windows Phone or other platforms (iOS). The most important one being the ability to upload all of your music library to the cloud and access it from any connected PC / Mac or Android handsets (maximum 20,000 songs). I’m really surprised that Microsoft still hasn’t done something similar with Zune and Skydrive yet.

Once your music is in the cloud you will be able to stream it on the go if you are connected to a network (cellular data or WiFi) or listen to the last songs you have previously listened to in offline mode (the player will automatically cache and recently played songs on the device).

Check out the video presentation of the Music Beta by Google service below:

Last but not least: You can request an invite to participate in the beta program right BUT this is currently only available to US residents…

source: Music Beta

  • Ef Jay

    Well I can already access my music collection wirelessly from my home server, no need to put it in a 3rd party’s hands.

  • iridium21

    For those of you in the UK that can’t download the player, here you go:

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but the Google spokesperson looks like a total douche. That said, what’s the max bit rate? I’m a snob about my music and I prefer to listen to 320 kbps (on my Zune), or compressed lossless elsewhere. For that reason, I don’t care for Slacker, Pandora, etc., and this just seems like something along those lines that I’ll never use, even if Microsoft got into the game.

  • MobileTechWorld

    The bitrate of the streamed/cached songs is AFAIK unknown. I personally think that a better implementation of this system can be made especially with something like Skydrive. Allowing the user to re-download (to another connected device) the songs he uploaded would be a big plus