Windows Phone 7 Mango VIP unveiling event on May 24th

Even though Mango has already been publicly shown during MWC11 and MIX11 the official press and analyst event will apparently take place in NYC and London on May 24th (no word yet if there’s anything scheduled in other countries UPDATE May 11: Just received my invitation too). If I had to guess I would ay that Microsoft will use this event to officially unveil all the new Bing, Bing Maps and Messenger features that we have been hearing about lately. Stay tuned for more.

source: All about Microsoft

  • BucksterMcgee

    All these additions are great, especially things like bing maps navigation, but the feature I want more than anything is Zune Video streaming to the phone. They already have Netflix and Hulu Plus is coming with Mango, but I haven’t heard anything about Zune video streaming yet. I don’t see any reason they can’t do it other than digital rights reasons, but hell if I can play it on my Xbox and Computer, I should be able to play it on my phone too.

  • Anonymous

    While I think all the extras that Mango will include will be great, I’m looking forward to the bug fixes most of all. I’ve found that NoDo has made my WP7 somewhat unstable since the upgrade. Seriously, if for some reason I reset my phone before Mango comes out, I’ll stick with the shipped OS until WP7.5 releases (even though I love cut and paste).

  • Jim

    Whoa…I thought this wasn’t supposed to be released until the fall??

  • MobileTechWorld

    The roll out is still scheduled for this fall. But this event will be the big PR / Media fun fest where Microsoft will show off all the new consumer features that haven’t been announced yet like the Bing and Bing Maps updates. Bing Vision and Bing Audio integration etc..