Windows Live Messenger to be integrated into Windows Phone 7 Mango

As it’s usually always the case during a Beta testing, many Microsoft employees already have Windows Phone 7 Mango running on their devices. What this also means is that leaks are inevitable. We are learning today from a Chinese guy Xiao Bian who apparently has it running on a Samsung Focus, that Mango will natively feature Windows Live Messenger integration in the People Hub, something that many users have been waiting for. Microsoft unofficially confirmed to me that this was coming when I asked them about it in Barcelona during MWC11 and claimed that it was in V1.0 because it was a priority feature. Another interesting bit is the inclusion of hard-writing recognition for east-Asian characters (would be a bit painful without a Stylus but that’s better than nothing I guess).

For more info about all the upcoming Mango feature head over here.

source: cnblogs (down) via ilovewp thanks for the heads up Marcus