AT&T working actively with Microsoft on the future Windows Phone 7 devices and Mango launch

In an interview with PC MAG, AT&T’s senior vice president of mobile devices, Jeff Bradley, revealed that the mobile operator was soon going to launch the updated HTC HD7S but was also “really actively” working with Microsoft and the OEMs on the upcoming launch of new Windows Phone 7 devices sporting the new chassis specifications and Mango.

“Mango will be the next event. With the timing of when [Windows Phone] came out and the timing of Mango, it didn’t leave a natural period in between when we could introduce an interim round of devices,”"We’re working very, very actively with the ecosystem and Microsoft.”

HTC is still expected to launch to MSM7X30 based devices this year , the HTC Prime and HTC Ignite but is goes without saying that we can also look for MSM8X55 powered handsets coming from all major OEMs in time for Mango’s launch in the fall.

source: PC Mag thanks for the Tip Ico

  • Anonymous

    Mango can’t come soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    I’m already looking forward to this year’s Christmas present to myself: Nokia WP7 device running Mango :D

  • XnailstormX

    I blame neither Microsoft or AT&T for the update blunders, I blame them both. Microsoft for not putting pressure on AT&T for releasing the updates when expected; and AT&T for taking too long to test the updates. If both want to avoid this mistake for the Mango update, then both need to start being more aggressive on this front instead of laying corporate BS and giving us the PR spin. Mango is coming this fall and this is THE ONE TIME in WP7 history that neither company can afford to be wrong. If they are going to be more active as they claim, now is the time to prove it!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Totally agree..