Another Windows Phone 7 service issue: Reviews no longer showing up in Bing results

Windows Phone 7 has suffered from several services outages this week and it seems that things still aren’t fully up an running yet. I’ve noticed a couple of days ago that business reviews have disappeared from the Bing search results and since nobody has reported about it yet I thought that it would be wise to make a post and see if everybody’s effect by this or not. As you can see in the picture above, the Reviews pane is totally empty even-though this particular business has 46 reviews already submitted.  This happens all over the world so it isn’t specific to one country or service provider (Bing aggregates reviews from different providers depending on the country you are searching in).

What’s interesting is that all reviews perfectly show up on the PC/Mac so there must be something wrong with Windows Phone 7 or Microsoft’s mobile back-end. I don’t have my Android handsets right now so I can’t check out if it suffers from the same problem when using the Bing application but if anybody can check it out on his Android handset and post below it would be great. Maybe Microsoft is silently updating Bing mobile in preparation of the future release of Mango..

Update May 18th: Reviews are now appearing again.

  • Pete Bennett

    No reviews here either (UK) even though some search results indicate that there are reviews for some businesses.

  • Anonymous

    A couple of weeks ago I had some problems using (integrated) Bing Search to display Local information. I had searched for “eyeglasses”, found some places and headed downtown to shop. When I got downtown I searched again to get exact directions and got no results. I tried searching for several general terms, such as “sportswear” and “Chinese food”, and I retrieved no results. I tried refreshing over and over, while standing in one spot, and occasionally (1 out of 20 times) I might actually get some results, but they were inconsistent.

  • Ryan Perkins1

    Have had this issue since launch. I assumed it was because I live in the uk

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes Bing search is totally busted lately. For example if I search for “Pizza” in Bings Maps where I live I get ZERO results even though there are tons of Pizza restaurants around me. But I type the correct restaurant’s name (some of them even have Pizza in the name) the system finds them. Another ridiculous issue is that Bing Search and Bing Maps do not return the same results most of the time.

    Let’s say I search for Cinema in Bing Search and then in Bing maps: the local business results will most of the time be totally different (with local businesses usually totally missing from the Bing search results).

  • James Boone

    Same here, no reviews showing up for places even if they show a rating in stars on the “about” page. Located in England, UK. Any news on this?