Get 3 Months of Zune Pass offered when you buy an AT&T Windows Phone 7 phone

Amazon Wireless, AT&T and Microsoft are offering 3 Months of Zune Pass ( value $45) if you either a buy a Samsung Focus, HTC Surround or LG Quantum which are now offer for only one penny (links below). This is not much but still better than nothing (Some other carriers around the word like Telstra in AUS have been offering free Xbox 360 consoles..). The users will then have to go to the Zunemusicnow website to get the free pass. The offer will last until June 26.

via wpcentral

  • dotCARBON

    Is that a white-backed Focus?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah the Focus pictured above does seem to have a white/chrome back cover..weird.