Nokia definitely in bed with Qualcomm: Stephen Elop to keynote at Qualcomm's Uplinq conference

Once fierce enemies, now best buddies. Both companies were throwing patent infringement suits at each other a couple of years ago but all this seems to be history now that Stephen Elop is at the hem of the Finnish mobile giant. Nokia’s CEO will be speaking at Qualcomm’s Uplinq conference in San Diego on June 2 (HTC’s Peter Chou will also have a keynote on the same day). Back in February 2009 Nokia signed a deal to use Qualcomm’s MSM7XXX and MSM8XXX SoC in their US band handsets but nothing really came out of this given the problems the handset maker was facing during this time period (product delays and cancellations, change of CEO and management etc). Ironically both SoC’s are now what the company is going to use for its Windows Phone 7 handsets (Qualcomm is currently the sole supplier of SoC for Windows Phones).

source: Qualcomm

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