Why doesn't Samsung properly support Windows Phone 7 ?

This post is not about the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 update issues but about what you see in the picture above. Why is there only 5 sub-par applications in Samsung’s section of the marketplace ? Samsung only came out with to apps that were worth it and both are now gone. There was Photogram which I reviewed here and the eBook application that never really “official” came out which I also reviewed here. The company also offered the Diodict dictionary but this was also pulled out (this app is now available in the marketplace for $20!). HTC has 15 apps in its marketplace section (among them are must have’s like the hidden-Wifi connector) and LG has 19 apps.

Seriously, Samsung really dropped the ball and is really doing a bad job at supporting its Windows Phone 7 handsets. They have the best hardware out there with the Omnia 7 and Focus but can’t seem to get things right. When are we going to have proper “fix” for color dithering issue? I don’t want to “force” 32bit rendering via the registry and trounce my device’s rendering performance (it should noted that HTC isn’t better here; they managed to disable dithering on some handsets with their latest firmware…). Can we also have a fix for the laggy camera viewfinder when recording 720P videos (this doesn’t affect LG and HTC devices) and proper shutter speeds?

Update May 9: The Photogram app is now back in the Marketplace.

  • http://twitter.com/efjay01 Ef Jay

    At this point, its all about Nokia. Samsung, htc, lg, Dell can all go jump. Once a Nokia WP7 hits with all parts actually working as they should its bye bye to these cheap OEM’s.

  • Soto32010

    Hello dou give me a hand, I have a htc with wp7 and I have this problem: when the phone is locked wifi disconnected me, how I can be with connection all the time? thanks

  • Ccmd_232

    I agree. Samsung WP7 devices are the least WP7 devices supported by their vendors. HTC and LG are showing the support, Dell, which I agree still facing some issues but at least they are listening and they are making a public existance. While Samsung is hiding, no press releases, no new news or update to announce.
    Now I know why Samsung is making losses in the market while other companies are making profits more than the last year (HTC).
    Hope they start listening or by the time the 2nd of WP7 devices start to come out, Samsung will be history!

  • http://www.cyber-punk.cz.cc/ ShadowRunner

    Because their money is in android.

  • Af

    sammy and updates are a very bad combination…

  • Spiderpig

    Samsungs support for Android is not better. The i5700 only got updates for a few months, and they never fixed the biggest problems. It still has really, really bad graphics drivers (a student from Poland is currently writing a new one from scratch), crackling sounds when playing music (mostly fixed in custom roms) and is generally unstable.

    The first time I sent it back to Samsung they installed a old firmware and left personal pictures from their facebook on the phone. After the third time they told me the problems were due to my sim-card(!) and I need to contact my provider to get a new one. Never mind that I tried others, all of them work in other phones and the problems persist even without a sim card in the phone. I have never heard a crazier explanation of a phone freezing when disabling wifi.

    When it comes to phones Samsung still has a lot to learn
    , it is not exclusive to WP7.


    samsung omnia 7 is a nightmare. i hate this phone. never will i support samsung divices again. too much problems to bridge and we all are waiting like fools. what a bunch of bullshitters. i hope you all on internet read this and agree!!
    look at nokia. excellent phone. my wife have the n8 series and it rocks. my phone is like a sleeping baby compare to a rockstar!
    common samsung. grow up and do something. we all are waiting for you all to fix the problems. start off nice and end off nice and your products will sell. at this moment we all are skeptic and afraid to buy any thing with a samsung logo on it.
    do something!!!!!!!!

  • B_greenall

    the samsung omnia 7 well i have had no problems up to now but recently it wont let me receive calls or text and wont let me send them either