Microsoft releases iPhone iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool

Microsoft has just announced the availability of a new tool and resources aimed at iOS / iPhone developers who wish to port their applications to Windows Phone 7. The package consists of:

The package consists of:

- a NEW iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool

With this tool, iPhone developers can grab their apps, pick out the iOS API calls, and quickly look up the equivalent classes, methods and notification events in WP7. A developer can search a given iOS API call and find the equivalent WP7 along with C# sample codes and API documentations for both platforms.

- a 90+ pages “Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers” white paper, organized in 8 chapters, and growing
- a series of “developer stories” or should I say “PR videos” to promote the platform’s awesomeness

All in all the most interesting thing is the iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool but even this is somewhat limited because it currently only supports 3 categories: Network / Internet, User Interface and Data Management. Right now if I was an iOS developer I would probably wait until the release of the Mango / Windows Phone 7.5 SDK (in the coming weeks) which should finally put the platform on par with iOS in terms of functionality and APIs.

source: Microsoft, iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool