Stolen content and the future of the site

Those of you who have been following me on Twitter probably already know by now that some idiots are scrapping my content (my RSS feed) and posting it on there website. I discovered this last night when I saw that a totally unknown site was always ranking higher than me in search results when my posts titles were used as a search query.As it turns out this site uses a wordpress plugin to scrap my feed, Engadget’s, BGR, Android Central and others and automatically strip the link then re-post it. Given that I’m smaller than the other victims I seem to be more affected in terms of traffic. This has apparently started in February and perfectly matches a steady slope in terms of search traffic and ad revenue that I have been noticing lately.

I unfortunately can’t do much though. The easiest way to stop this is to shutdown my RSS feed but this can’t be a solution given that I have thousands of subscribers following it every day. I also have to take all of the stolen content down so I submitted DMCA complaints at Google Search and Google Adsense and a copyright complain at the site’s host GoDaddy (haven’t heard anything back from them yet). Engadget also told me that they have forwarded the issue to their legal team. This can take a while and may or may not get the thief’s site to shut down.

Here’s the thief’s personal info: Update: Took down the thief’s personal info as he has finally agreed to take down all of my content and stop scrapping my feed. Let’s hope that it stays this way. Now it’s up to the other sites to take action if they see fit. I would also like to thank you all for the support and please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any suggestion for the future of the site.

This is a tough situation for me. Contrary to what some people may think most blogs/websites barely generate any money. Sure I’m getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month but this barely allows me to pay for the site’s hosting and my phone bill (principally because of the number of thieves and competing blogs covering the same niche who don’t link-back or make up rumors to get hits/traffic etc). I am jobless (for my french readers: je suis au RSA) and maintain MobileTechWorld because I love sharing my thoughts about Windows Phone, Android etc. There’s imply no way I can continue is this current situation. So if you have any idea on how I can get rid of the scrapper site or anything else that is on your mind regarding this situation don’t hesitate to post a comment. Thanks a lot.

Stephen Elop speaks about the future of Nokia

If you still have some unanswered questions about the Nokia / Microsoft partnership and the future of the Finish company then you best chance to have some fresh info is to watch the 18 minutes long interview that Stephen Elop gave on the A-Plus TV show in Finland just a few hours ago. The CEO discusses yesterday’s Symbian / Accenture announcement and several other key subjects related to the future of the company’s employees. He also still hopes that the company’s first Windows Phone will be launch later this year. I unfortunately can’t embed the video here so just hit the source link to check it out.

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Coin Addiction for Windows Phone 7 updated

The super addicting Coin Addiction game for Windows Phone 7, which I’ve talked about it in my must have list of WP7 apps, has received a small updated a few days ago which added leaderboards support I’ve talked about it in my must have list of WP7 apps. The game is a great time killer and can be super addictive and best of all: it all is totally free. So don’t hesitate to try it out.

A physics game designed to be simple yet super addictive: the objective is to flick a coin so that it passes between the other two, then repeat with a different coin until you make a mistake. Use the walls to bounce your coin to solve difficult situations.

Very easy to pick up, but don’t let the simplicity of the game fool you! To get a high spot on the Leaderboards you will need skill, strategy and – in the popular TimeChallenge mode – fast reactions.

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Flickr for Windows Phone 7 updated: black screen issue finally fixed

It took a little while but the guys behind the Windows Phone 7 Flickr application have finally released the 1.4 version of the app that definitely fixes the super annoying black screen bug that prevented it from launching 90% of the time. This update also includes small performances and stability improvements. The application can still be sluggish especially when downloading and displaying tons of thumbnails but this will unfortunately only be “fixed” once Mango is released later this year. The latest version of the OS will include an improved Listbox crontrol that will allow smooth scrolling in 3rd party apps and background image decoding (off-thread) that will prevent the UI thread from stalling when images are downloaded and processed.
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