It doesn't matter if Mango is called Windows Phone 7.5

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Mango being actually named Windows Phone 7.5 this past weekend and came to the conclusion that this doesn’t matter at all. Why? Look at the TV ads, look at what’s written on the back of your Windows Phone 7 handset or your handset’s boot up screen. Does it say Windows Phone 7? Nope. It clearly says Windows Phone because this is what the platform is called. Technically Mango is most probably Windows Phone 7.5 but given that Microsoft barely even mentions Windows Phone 7 publicly I would personally be surprised if the upcoming update was publicly marketed as Windows Phone 7.5.

Just take a look at iOS (or even Android/Symbian), Microsoft is following a similar path in terms of marketing. Who really cares about the OS’ version number other than geeks, bloggers? It should also be noted that every document, keynote, event material related to the Nokia partnership always mentions “Windows Phone” and never “Windows Phone 7″. So at the end of the day, 7.5 or 7.X it really doesn’t matter because it’s running Windows Phone.

  • Anonymous

    I too am wondering why the version number is important. Does it matter if it’s Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8, or Windows Phone 99? Microsoft refers to it as “Windows Phone” anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the decimal, which makes me think of WM 6.5. The nice thing about Windows Phone (7) is that it is streamlined, and adding decimal value seems to undo that, as well as making me think of the old mobile OS. If anything, they could just use service pack designations, or stick to cute nicknames like NoDo or Mango.

  • Eron

    Actually, it kind of does matter when we’re talking about, for instance, when Windows Phone 8 might be released.

    If Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 7 in fall of 2010, and about a year later they “release” an update that will make the OS WP7.5, we can legitimately consider that Windows Phone 8 may be released late next year. With every indication being that Windows Phone 8 will run a version of the OS that is more closely related to the core of the desktop OS, this raises several questions to me as a consumer: Will our current phones be upgradable considering WP7 is based on WCE and WP8 will be based on the desktop OS? What about all the currently available apps; will they be compatible as well?

    The version number actually does matter to me but I doubt it matters to most consumers.

  • Lukas Greb

    Just look at iOS: iPhone 3GS is running iOS 4 even if it´s the 3rd iPhone and it would be to much bad publicity if MS would not update our Windows Phones to WP8.