Samung Focus touchscreen bug after NoDo update

I just came cross this video on YouTube which shows what appears to be a serious touchscreen bug affecting the Samsung Focus handsets updated to NoDo and the latest I917 firmware. I personally can’t reproduce this on the Omnia 7 and from the comments it definitely seems to be a Focus only bug when three fingers touch the screen. If I had to guess I would say that the newly introduced feature that prevents the capacitive buttons to be pressed when 2 fingers are already in contact with the screen is probably the cause of today’s issue. Video after the break:

Let’s just hope that Samsung fixes this as soon as possible (and for the love of …… also enables proper color dithering and better camcorder shutter speed on the Omnia 7 and Focus!). BTW, the guy in the video is the developer behind the pretty neat Fluid (fluid simulation) application that I recommended not long ago.

  • D_boldo

    Very interesting but I cannot reproduce this on my focus.