Windows Phone Device Manager Beta now available: Manage your Windows Phone 7 phone from your PC

The hotly anticipated beta version of Windows Phone Device Manager has just been released. The homebrew application will let you manage your developer unlocked Windows Phone 7 handset directly from your PC and transfer files to it, add custom ringtones, take screenshots etc…. Here’s the full feature list (most of the features don’t seem to correctly work or be present in this beta though):

Windows Phone Device Manager features:

- Applications management: view, install/uninstall homebrew applications
- File management: explore device, exchange files with your phone
- Sync files, folders and favorites with phone
- Send to Windows Phone (to send files, apps, ringtones, web links in one click)
- Detailed device information (CPU, ROM, RAM, storage, network, battery, OS,…)
- Add and manage custom ringtones
- Send SMS, E-mail, notes directly from PC (without needing cloud services)
- Take screenshots of the phone
- Programming sends notifications to phone
- Shared clipboard with PC and phone
- Integration with Windows explorer (drag & drop, copy/paste, view apps icons and details)
- Integration with Control Panel (Device Stage, task links)
- Nice integration with Windows Vista/7 (jumplists, widgets, aero effects,…)
- Initiate connection from PC or phone
- Wireless connection support
- Auto pairing (no need to enter PC or phone IP address)
- Notify phone applications updates
- Applications backup
- Use your phone as a remote control (control mouse, keyboard and navigation in Windows Media Center)
- Open marketplace for non-commercial applications (if developers are interested)

Just head over here and download the beta if you have an unlocked handset. Keep in mind that this is beta software and that it will also automatically installed the homebrew TouchXperience app on your device so do it at your own risk.

  • Keshwar White


  • Txguy9112

    i cant windows phone device manager to load

  • MobileTechWorld

    You need to have the Windows Phone Developer Tools installed on your PC or it won’t load:
    Get them here:

  • Ahmed Salem

    This is very ActiveSync :)

  • alok

    can i use it in my nokia lumia 710, i don t know it is unlocked or not. can i transfer power point and pdf directly to it(not by using sky drive).?? how can i see what i download from net by phone through pc????

  • alok

    how can i see chm file in lumia 710