HTC working on 16Mpix Windows Phone 7 camera phone ? Maybe not

The latest Windows Phone 7 related rumor that emerged this weekend points at possible upcoming release of a HTC Windows Phone 7 device featuring a 16Mpix camera. Unfortunately not much else is known about this mysterious device other than a strange render which looks identical to the HTC Desire S (hands on video here) with WP7′s hardware buttons instead of Android’s 4 buttons and a short promo video (after the break).

Sounds nice right? Well, other than the fact that this may very well be a fake or just an internal HTC video using a dodgy render that was never meant to go public, something doesn’t add up at all: none of the currently WP7 certified Qualcomm Chipsets / SoC (QSD8250, MSM7X30, MSM8X55) support imaging sensors higher than 12Mpix. So if this device is indeed in the works then it will have to use Qualcomm’s newly introduced MSM8X60 SoC (found in the HTC EVO and HTC Sesnation) which support imaging sensors up to 16Mpix and not is yet certified to WP7 / Mango.

Is it a fake, an internal video about a Android handset but with a dodgy render or and HTC WP7 device that won’t see the light of the day before 2012? You be the judge.

via Pocketnow