First Windows Phone 7 certified Micro-SD card shows up at AT&T

The ongoing Windows Phone 7 micro-sd saga is just got a little bit more interesting today with what looks like the first ever Windows Phone 7 certified Micro-SD card courtesy of SanDisk and AT&T. As you are probably already aware of; WP7 doesn’t really “officially” support memory extension with micro-sd. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Samsung had the bright idea to include a user accessible micro-sd expansion slot on the Focus so users can add more storage to the handset. Because of the way WP7 handles its memory partitioning the card has to apparently be certified by MS just to make sure that it won’t screw up your data after a while. So there you have it, this SanDisk 8GB Class 4 microSDHC is the first out of the gate. It will set you back 32$.

source: engadget

  • Anonymous

    Pretty expensive I must say.

  • Xnailstormx

    May be a bit expensive, but as I have 8GB of internal flash storage and no MicroSD memory card in there, this is a welcome chance for me to upgrade. I’ll probably wait for MicroSD cards with more space to come out, but IF they are guaranteed stable, I’ll buy one and not before. I want stability over anything else!

  • Dtinker_tx

    Got one of these with my focus total storage lists out as 14.59 GB. You have to do a factory reset in order for the phone to detect and format the card. Just turning it off and on again isn’t enough. The atnt folkes did’t know that, I had to tell them after I bought the phone. (just to pull the guys leg I asked why it wasn’t detecting the extra mem. Feel bad about about making him look bad now.)