Verizon HTC 7 Trophy not coming out until May ?

Verizon’s HTC 7 Trophy is apparently still ways off according to the Microsoft employee offer that first surfaced last year the device won’t be available until May 5th (that’s not a public release date though). The previous date was April 7th and prior to date I remember somebody coming up with a February 28th public announcement date (we all know how this one turned out…). Let’s just say that if you are a Verizon user eagerly waiting for a Windows Phone 7 it is now probably time to look at other carriers offering or just get yourself an Android or iPhone 4 handset. The big red company doesn’t seem that interested in Windows Phone 7 at all even though testing has been going on for a while

source: Verizon via wpcentral

  • KS

    It says, “through” May 5th though. That seems to imply they will have more than a day for this offer to be valid. My guess is that we will hear a public release date announced at the MIX conference in Vegas next week. If they want to repair some of this they should say, “everyone here is getting a free HTC on Verizon today and the rest of the USA can get it on April 15th”. I doubt the free phone part but some kind of April release date seems highly possible. They gave everyone a free laptop a couple years ago at PDC so it would not be unheard of…

  • Brian

    That is wishful thinking, I was one of the guys who broke the story of the new release date on yesterday. Verizon it really ticking me off, I am really considering leaving Verizon for AT&T..Though AT&T isn’t as good here in Vermont, I might be willing deal with that so I can finally get the phone I want.