11 More Windows Phone 7 sessions added MIX11. But they are still a mystery

As Mary Jo just pointed out Microsoft has just added 11 new Windows Phone related sessions to the MIX11 calendar. The sessions’ topics probably won’t be unveiled before the conference’s opening keynote where Joe Belfiore is excepted to discuss Windows Phone 7′s future road map and Mango. Most of the new sessions seem to be about Silverlight (and one about XNA) so it’s safe to assume that something like SL5 for Windows Phone or a new version SL for WP7 is going to be unveiled. I just recently posted a short editorial about what to expect in 2012 so check it out and post your thoughts.

source: MIX11

  • Anonymous

    Here’s to hoping that we see SL5 for WP7, not a fork in the language. With Windows 8 and WP8 most likely sharing apps, they need to converge. Preferably, develop once, deploy on multiple form factors within the same market. Even moreso if Xbox 360 gets silverlight 5. (Which needs to run as a sandbox btw, and not natively)