Windows Phone 7 NoDo performance comparison on the Samsung Omnia 7

If you are still wondering how much loading time improvements NoDo will bring to your Windows Phone 7 handset here’s a small sample based on what I’m experiencing on my Samsung Omnia 7. As you will see in the video and chart below, performance improvements are highly depend on the game; some load noticeably faster (NFS: Undercover, Tikki Towers) while others are roughly the same or even slightly slower (loading a match in PES 2011). At the end of the day you really shouldn’t expect any miracle especially if you have a non HTC (or Dell) device with iNand storage like Samsung’s and LG’s WP7 handsets.

Pre-NoDo (7008) NoDo (7390)
Ilomilo 17.3 secs 17.5 secs
NFS: Undercover 22 secs 12 secs
Fruit Ninja 18 secs 15 secs
The Harvest 14.5 secs 13.7 secs
The Harvest: saved game 35 secs 23.5 secs
PES 2011 11 secs 11 secs
PES 2011: Loading Match 17 secs 18.5 secs
Tikki Towers 9 secs 4.2 secs
Deer Hunter 19.5 secs 15 secs
Rise of Glory 17.6 secs 15 secs

There’s even less difference when loading Silverlight applications (from what I test it’s exactly the same before and with NoDo on the Omnia 7).

As a reminder here’s how the LG Optimus 7, HTC 7 Trophy and Samsung Omnia 7 performed pre-NoDo (7004):

  • JiN

    The omnia 7 was already very fast, i’m actually surprised that its even faster now! The speed difference on the HTC devices is a different story, most games load twice as fast and some are over 3x as fast as they were pre-nodo!

  • JiN

    I’ve also noticed that processor intesive apps such as Flickr now perform better than before.

  • Houman

    I’m using an HTC Surround and am loving how faster the games load up on the phone after NoDo!

  • Sidney

    Guys why am i still on 7004 seems everyone pre Nodo, is on 7008 version. I have a samsung Omnia 7 ..and i havent had an update to get to 7008?