Updated Samsung Galaxy S Plus to feature overclocked Qualcomm MSM8255 instead of Hummingbird

Samsung sure knows how to make things totally confusing. After the SLCD version of the Galaxy S which was then followed by the version with the TI AMAP3630 (i9003), the Galaxy S 2 with the Tegra 2 and the one with the Exynos 4210 here comes the newest Galaxy S Plus (i9001) now powered by an MSM8255 clocked at 1.4Ghz (the MSM8255T ?). I personally wouldn’t like to be an Android developer because this is really getting out of hand in terms of hardware fragmentation.

source: Twitter via engadget

  • Dodadado

    “Galaxy S 2011 Edition?” on top of Galaxy S II and then the just mentioned Galaxy S III in 2012. yeesh