What is exactly the Windows Phone Mobile Studio ?

As you have probably already seen, Mary Jo Foley posted about a Microsoft Job listing that mentions something called the Windows Phone Mobile Studio and speculates that this may be Microsoft’s updated Windows Phone version of the now defunct Kin Studio cloud synching service. I personally think that this “Mobile Studio” is actually a UI/UX design team within Microsoft and not an actual product or service. This is not to say that there isn’t a Windows Phone version of the Kin Studio in the works or that this team isn’t working on one though. Microsoft has already officially stated that it was working on this ever since Kin was pronounced dead.

Microsoft has still a long way to go before making Windows Phone 7 fully integrated with the cloud. Sure there are already lots of neat features like Skydrive integration in the Pictures Hub, but most people probably don’t release that a vast majority of the back-up features found on the original version of MyPhone on Windows Mobile 6.X are no longer available in Windows Phone 7.

For example you can’t back-up you sms, videos (you can’t even share videos by mail, MMS anyway), browser bookmarks, office documents, music, tasks etc. In my opinion (I discussed this in my Windows Phone 7 review) the current Skydrive integration is still kind of messy in WP7 (the Mango update will “fix” part of this with better Office documents synching). I think that many users would be happy to have all the previous back-up synching features back in WP7 even before the new “Kin Studio” is finished and fully operational.

Source: All about Microsoft