Fable Coin Golf for Windows Phone 7: Hands on video review

I’ve just shot a hands-on video of Microsoft / Lionhead’s Fable Coin Golf Xbox Live game for Windows Phone 7. The game was released today on Marketplace for $4.99 but you an try it out for free thanks to the trial version. So, how’s the game? Well, it probably the best looking game on Windows Phone 7 right now (next to The Harvest) and really shows what can be done with the relatively ancient Adreno 200 GPU when coded correctly (and nice assets are used). The game’s mechanics are fairly simple and straightforward: grab as many coins as possible by flicking your puck in the right direction and existing the level with a minimum of shots (like regular golf). You will also be able to grab power ups that give your coin the ability to kill enemies or move objects. Gold earned in the game can be transferred to your Fable III Xbox 360 and Windows PC games. Check the video after the break:

Grab Fable Coin Golf here.

  • Anonymous

    What about the integration with Fable III? Will coins you earn still be stored for use later in Fable III?

    PS: Daou, cut your fingernails dude! :p