Windows Phone 7 NoDo update officially pushed to carrier branded phones

NoDo is officially a go for carrier branded phones according to several reports I’m getting in my mailbox and a phone call from a friend. Apparently all major carriers in Europe; Orange , Vodafone (namely SFR in France), 3 UK and O2 have authorized Microsoft to push the update notification to the Windows Phone 7 devices on their networks. T-Mobile branded phones in the US , namely the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro, are also receiving the update notifications today.

Update: It’s officially official for T-Mobile. See here.

Please report below in the comments if you have a carrier branded devices which has just received the notifications and tell us which model and carrier (and obviously your country). If you haven’t gotten it yet then just try the trick I posted about yesterday.

  • TroyGates

    My wife’s and my HD7 on TMobile US have both received the Feb update this morning. Waiting for the NoDo update to come through. I talked with a friend on the East coast of the US and he received both updates. I am on the West coast, so might get it later today.

  • r h

    i got Samsung Omnia 7 february update ….installed it..and right after got the NoDo update (orange in france) ! ..So happy was scared it wouldnt work but it did!! woho!

  • Martinandrewwood

    Contract 3 Uk installed and very happy with the speed.

  • Kcmobile161

    Hi, I still haven’t receive any notification about the NoDo update, yet!!! Here in Canada BC – carrier from Bell
    On my HTC HD7, I am very disappointed Microsoft that they did not include copy & paste feature in first place and in the market has so small amount of games and at times I get hang in the market place , so editor please let me know when it is available here in Canada BC , sincerely KC

  • Nataku

    well, we’re in Canada, we always get things last / .
    (im in Vancouver using Bell too lol)

  • Alun

    So, what use will you put copy & paste to, once it arrives?

  • Anonymous

    I will use copy & paste to call attention to people’s poor grammar and rotten spelling in Disqus comments.

  • mlekas314

    So it’s a go for all carriers except that other little carrier in America, AT&T.

  • David

    htc mozart on Orange. Only got the February 2011 update this morning…

  • Anonymous

    still waiting on NoDo, why can’t MS make the update available direct from them?

  • MobileTechWorld
  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but it doesn’t work for the HTC Mozart apparently. Thanks anyway

  • MobileTechWorld

    It should normally work with any WP7 models. Make sure to debrand your handsets if it’s carrier branded. You other option would be to directly flash the rom: