Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore responds to criticisms. Let’s be serious folks!

Microsoft Joe Belfiore got roasted after his latest appearance on Channel9 a few days ago because of what seemed like a total disconnection between his attitude and the current reality that is the slow Windows Phone 7 update process. Joe took the time to reply in the comments section and make some excuses. But before reading what he has to say let’s take a short moment to reflect on what is going on here.

Why are people mad? Is it because of the buggy state of the OS, the lack of updates,the slow roll out, or the lack of communication? First off if somebody tells you that Windows Phone 7 is a buggy mess and needs to be patched urgently then he’s over dramatizing things. Besides the Marketplace client crashes and some badly coded third party applications (which have nothing to do with MS) what are the “bugs” preventing normal usage of the handsets?. Excessive data usage bug? Hell no. I was the only website that always said that there was no data bug in WP7 and that the issue was probably coming from Yahoo’s IMAP. The facts have later shown that I was right but in the mean time you had breaking news headlines all over the place claiming that using WP7 would potentially cost you money because of the “excessive data usage bug”… Anyway,¬† How many times do you have to reboot your device per-day /week ? Windows Phone 7 is probably the most robust V1.0 consumer product released in the past years. Was NoDo delayed? Yes but not like most people want you to believe. I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying all along: Don’t believe everything you read and please form your opinion based on facts and logic. I was the only blog who always said that you shouldn’t expect NoDo to come out before MWC while everybody else was making up dates left and right that would later give the impression that the update was delayed when those totally bogus dates weren’t met. People are also quick to blame carriers but NoDo was effectively delayed from Feb to early March and AFAIK it didn’t have much to do with carriers who were eagerly expecting it. It was later delayed from early to second-half of March because of the issues faced with Samsung handsets and the 7008 update. Once again it had nothing to do with carriers. The decision to delay it the second time was IMO a wise decision and shows that MS is trying to do its best to get this right. Now, this could have been avoided if the MS and Samsung actually took the time to test the whole process on the Focus and Omnia 7 before hand..but this is history.

No, what’s frustrating many people (me included) is that Windows Phone 7 is being publicly handled by Microsoft in a totally amateurish way. The PR suck, the marketing sucks and the communication sucks. When I make a post (with video proof) about the fact that the camera settings are still not saved in NoDo¬† the worst that MS can do is tell us that it’s a “feature” and that it’s the best solution for the end-user experience, even though every single review and nearly all users have complained about it. Unfortunately that’s what they did and this is only one example. I have posted countless times about the Super-AMOLED color banding issues because of the lack of dithering in 90% of the OS. Sadly, MS never bothered to come forward on this issue. Most of the other complains are mainly focused around the lack of APIs and sub-par SL controls but those are things that only directly affect developers. MIX11 is just around the corner and I’m fairly sure that we will hear some good news regarding these subjects. The last set of complains are related to the international services (Bing and Bing Maps) and unfortunately those things can take a while to evolve (the Nokia partnership will help here).

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