Full Windows Phone 7 NoDo update status: Carriers, Countries and devices

Microsoft has just posted an exhaustive update on the Windows Phone 7 NoDo roll out with detailed status for the carriers outside of the US and OEM status in the US. This is a good move but one as to wonder why there’s no “real” carrier status in the US (forgot that the handsets are only sold by carriers in the US so it’s fairly easy to see what’s going on based on the table below)…) and no OEM status worldwide. The whole thing looks like a huge mess. Check out the full details after the break:

Stage 1: Testing
The software update is undergoing mobile operator network and quality tests.

Stage 2: Scheduling
Operator testing is complete, and Microsoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 days or less.

Stage 3: Delivering update
Microsoft has started to send out the update. Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you.


Location Mobile operator February update March update
Australia Optus Delivering update Testing
Telstra Testing Testing
Canada Bell Mobility Delivering update Scheduling
Sasktel Delivering update Scheduling
Rogers Delivering update Scheduling
Telus Delivering update Scheduling
France SFR Scheduling Scheduling
Ireland Eircom/Meteor Delivering update Scheduling
eMobile Delivering update Scheduling
Italy Telecom Italia Delivering update Scheduling
Mexico Telcel Delivering update Scheduling
Singapore SingTel Delivering update Scheduling
Starhub Delivering update Scheduling
Spain Telefonica Testing Testing
UK, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Sweden Hutchison Group Delivering update Scheduling
UK, Ireland, Germany O2 Delivering update Scheduling
Global Vodafone Group Delivering update Scheduling
Deutsche Telecom Testing Testing
Orange Group Scheduling Scheduling
Open market phones Delivering update Delivering update
All other operators Delivering update Scheduling


Location Phone February update March update
United States Dell Venue Pro Scheduling Scheduling
HTC Arrive Not applicable* Not applicable*
HTC HD7 Scheduling Scheduling
HTC Surround Testing Testing
LG Quantum Testing Testing
Samsung Focus Testing Testing
  • TimN_FL

    Because of the what the phones work in the US, its pretty easy to tell what carrier is doing what. For instance, AT&T is the only on to offer the Samsung Focus, Sprint is the only one to offer the HTC Arrive, etc…

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Yeah, just realized that after posting it :-/

  • Anonymous

    “Scheduling”? WTF does that mean? It’s hardly worth listing that. Basically the HTC HD7 update(s) status remains unchanged and still questionable IMO.

  • Anonymous

    some taiwan users already got NoDo but most of them (include me) still no NoDo

    our firmware version is 707 so i think our devices is Asia Version

  • Anonymous

    Translation for US carriers –> “The check is in the mail.”

  • Anonymous

    This is a mini-version of the clusterfuck that goes on with Android updates. This is such a disappointment, as speedy, simultaneous updates across the board was part of the promise of WP7, given their strict hardware guidelines. I understand the complexity of the logistics, but seriously, MS, you’re simply not fulfilling your promise. This whole situation significantly decreases my desire for a WP7 handset this year.

    Fix this!

  • Anonymous

    Huge Mess!? Nah, this ain’t even close to a huge mess. Take it down a notch or two .. It will get done. This is only the second update ever.

  • guest

    Umm any new for orange France ? They already skipped the small first one…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Julzlui Julian Liu

    this is bs

    still scheduling? THEY HAD 2 frickin weeks to do this!!! their excuse for delaying the early march update was to make sure this process could go smoother NOW, eg. simultaneously for most people!! WTF

    why even bother delaying the update in the first place if they are just going to release the update and make you wait even longer

  • CybexMind

    I think that the update is one of the most important things for a half-closed platform like the WP7. The operating system version one works really well. But the updates are to be timely in order to compete with Android and Apple.
    The best thing are the development tools and frameworks Silverlight and XNA.
    Too bad, I am disappointed that Microsoft fails to make the scene alive WP7. I think this year will buy a terminal Android Tegra2 , and I will wp7 only for Develop.

  • Ccmd_232

    I have a couple of questions to get my understanding right:
    1- The update depend on two things, both Location and Operator at the same time, right?
    2- What do they mean by “Open Market Phones” in the “Gloabl” Section? Is it the same as Unbranded Phones?
    3- How do they determine the location of the phone? Is it based on the Phone Region or on the Service Region of the Hotmail Account you setup the phone with?

  • Tcanedy

    Very reason I got rid of my LG Quantum and WP7. Microsoft can’t compete in the fast paced mobile world. Microsoft is a big and bloated organization that can’t make fast decisions. Too bad for a good op system.

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    1) It depends on Firmware on the device (carrier branded or not) and phone model
    2) Yes non-carrier branded phones (it’s simply phones that don’t have a carrier specific firmware)
    3) The Firmware version

  • Gust3

    Is Microsoft a bunch of amateurs? It would seems so with this glacial update process. It is so mindnumbing slow that I couldn’t believe it. I would hope they will fix their processes soon and chalk this update to a learning experience. I remember when Windows Update was first done, it had its difficulties as well. That was a long time ago.

  • Diego!

    This doesn’t look good at all… and as everybody is mentioning, why are they still testing, when they have had plenty of time to do so? Anyway, hopefully they will check all this out before rolling “Mango” update out.

  • http://twitter.com/argenys argenys

    Listen, Mango will have all of you praising Microsoft. But at MIX they won’t announce everything and they probably wont mention things like Video MMS and the like but trust me when I say those things will be addressed just be patient they will blow everything out of the water soon only problem is that what willl iOS 5 bring to the table and the next version of Android?

  • JiN

    Everyone is going waaaay over the top with this, its like copy and paste is gonna dramatically change their lives! Early adopters should expect this kind of thing and have some patience, if you think WP7 is soo bad without this update then you should really consider switching to something else.

    Anyway, best video yet showing the speed difference between Standard and NoDo…


  • http://twitter.com/TroyGates TroyGates

    I agree with JiN. This update is getting blown way out of proportion. People tend to forget what other companies have done.

    Apple release updates once a year and is very secretive about it. Google releases updates that only upgrade some phones leaving others behind unless you want to use a custom ROM. Microsoft is actually being very informative of their process and telling everyone what is going on and they are adjusting the updates to prevent mass fragmentation.

    My HD7 is working fine. This update is just icing on the cake of a fast, reliable, and fun to use phone.

  • http://twitter.com/TroyGates TroyGates

    Scheduling means that the Microsoft and the carrier are working on dividing up their customers into groups for the roll-out. It looks like HD7 on T-Mobile will be the first carrier phone to be updated in the US (possibly starting in the next 10 days, if that statement holds true). My guess is that both updates will be pushed to the HD7 at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Focus in the testing process? Wtf, this means it could still be a month until its in schedule process, then another month for delivery process which still takes weeks according to ms and att,meanwhile this is just for that February update who know how long til the actual useful update. People are better off buying a new wp7, coming out in the following months that already have copy and paste installed. Maybe im crazy but this could me intentional on behalf of ms and phone carriers to drive up sales of up and coming wp7 devices. I’m not trying to bash these companies really, I like using my focus, what I don’t like is being told lies and teased with something that doesn’t seem like will happen.

  • Gambit

    I’ve just received the update. Yay!

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Which device?

  • Anonymous

    While seeing very limited number of locations only.. Thanks for sharing this status of the windows phone..
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