How to quickly get NoDo on your carrier branded HTC Windows Phone 7 device

Don’t want to wait for your carrier to allow your HTC Windows Phone 7 to receive the NoDo update? Well here’s a little trick that can help you bypass this restriction (Telus in Canada has for example stated that it won’t roll out NoDo before March 29th at the earliest). C. Walshie from the ChevronWP7 team give’s us all the info:

1.Download this zip file and deploy the 3 xap files onto your device.
2.Run the ChevronWP7.Ringtones.xap and wait till it displays “Ringtones added… and CustClear.provxml underneath”
3.Run the TouchXplorer app, navigate to My DocumentsMy Ringtones click on CustClear.provxml and select Copy from the Application Bar.
4.Navigate back inside TouchXplorer to the Windows folder.
5.Select paste from the Application Bar, this should scroll right to the bottom and put a copy of CustClear.provxml in the Windows folder.
6.Now run the Connection Setup application and click on the Ok button (it’s the one with the tick).

Keep in mind that this is only for HTC handsets and will only speed up the process if the NoDo update for the specific model has already been pushed out (HTC 7 Trophy, HTC Mozart..) so it may not work for everybody. Oh and ChevronWP7 will no longer work after your phone is updated.. Seems like Samsung owners are going to be last to get it this time around (LG handsets are currently being prompted to update just like HTC’s)

source: C.Wlashie

  • Phanatron

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  • MobileTechWorld

    Fixed. Thanks.

  • Adam

    Advertising potentially risky steps that modify the phone in this way is irresponsible, and you should be ashamed.

  • Eve

    Anyone capable of doing this is well aware of the risks.

  • Andrew

    Hi, excellent all of these steps work!

    Oh and people if you need any more help with getting the Chevron unlock files check this site: