NFC enabled Windows Phone 7 handsets in the works?

File this under rumor tag; According to NyTimes “sources” a Windows Phone 7 OEM which is hinted as being Nokia, is working on adding NFC support to it’s future Windows Phone 7 devices:

A person familiar with new iterations of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform said a partner handset manufacturer is also exploring adding this technology to the next version of a Microsoft mobile phone. This person also said the new partnership with Nokia and Microsoft could catapult this technology into the mainstream as Nokia has said in the past that it plans to add N.F.C. technology to all its new phones in 2011.

The fact that work is being done is highly probable but let’s also remember that there are super restrictive chassis specs put in place by Microsoft and it would be surprising if one OEM decided to add NFC support to its WP7 phone and not everyone else (feature fragmentation…) Let’s also remember that there is still no Compass API for third party devs or even access to the camera’s raw feed yet. Before adding new features the priority should be put into supporting the current ones..

source: NYTimes