Samsung eBook reader for Windows Phone 7: Hands on video review

As promised by Samsung back in October their Windows Phone7 eBook reader is now available for free to all Omnia 7 and Focus owners in the Samsung Zone section of the Marketplace. The application is relatively similar to the Android version which comes pre-loaded on Most Galaxy S devices and also nearly identical to the Windows Phone 7 Amazon Kindle app released earlier this year. You get access to the Kobo Ebook library so the first thing you’ll have to do is to setup up an account with them (it’s free and can be done directly within the application) and also with Adobe because the app uses their Reader Mobile technology. This wouldn’t be a problem if the app actually saved your password (it has the option to do so but as of right now it doesn’t and you’ll have to re-enter it ever time you download an eBook). Anyway, Samsung did a pretty good job here and has brought up the best alternative to Amazon’s Kindle on Windows Phone 7. Check out my hands on video after the break:

I should also point out that the application runs under the lock screen every once in a while. Yeah there seems to be a bug somewhere: Sometimes it works (rarely..) and most of the time it doesn’t..
If you can’t find it in the Samsung Zone, just open any of the Samsung apps in there and tap on “more from SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS”

  • Ccmd_232

    Tried to download it and the whole marketplace hanged before even doing anything!

  • Ccmd_232

    Now I’m trying to download it again and it’s giving me the infamous “Can’t get this info right now”. I’m really tired og those two errors.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well that’s a Marketplace issue (a well known one that won’t even be fixed in NoDo..).So just reboot your phone and try again :)

  • Ccmd_232

    That’s what I did, Thanks anyway :)

  • Manu

    Best eBook reader I’ve ever tried. Good job, Samsung!

  • Smith

    its good compared to aldiko reader which comes in built with galaxy models….

  • Paparoachfan87

    I can’t find it in the marketplace at all! :-(

  • Tomasz Ziarkowski

    me too

  • Red Male

    I also can not find it in the Marketplace.  Did Samsung recall this app or something?  I have a Samsung focus.  I have tried clicking on ‘More from Samsung’ in some of the other Samsung apps, but still nothing.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeh the application is no longer available. Acutally, it was never offivially available (you had to click on ‘More from Samsung’ so find it). It was up on the Marketplace servers for only 48hours

  • The Dane

    why did they pull it back? and will they release it agian?