Video of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live games: Hydro Thunder Go, Fable Coin Golf, GeoDefence

Microsoft has just uploaded a video of the of the February Xbox showcase event which contains hand on footage of some of the upcoming Xbox Live enabled Windows Phone 7 games announced a few weeks ago. You will get to see Fable Coin Golf, Hydro Thunder Go and Geo Defense in action. Hydro Thunder Go is obviously the most resource intensive in terms of 3D rendering and it unfortunately really shows up in the video where you will see that the game’s framerate seems to be on the lower-end of the scale. Let’s just hope that this was just an un-finished version of the game thought. Video after the break:

source: YouTube via wmpoweruser

  • Anonymous

    I’m really looking forward to Hydro Thunder Go! Let’s hope the performance isn’t an issue when the game ships, because this game looks awesome.

  • Phanatron

    I like wp7 games that unlock goodies in XBox Live games. I’d love to see some games that unlock new weapons/maps/money in more games. I’d pay for that.