Videos of Adobe Flash 10.2 on Android 3.0 tablets

I’m a little late on this one but it’s always good to post about interesting subjects anyway I guess. As you probably remember Adobe has announced the availability of the beta version of Flash 10.2 for Android 3.0 tablets last week so here are some hand’s video of the plugin in action on the only Honeycomb tablet currently available, the Motorola Xoom. But before watching them just keep in mind that this is still a beta release so performance will (o will not..) improve later one:

One more video of browser embedded Flash games running on the Xoom:

What were are seeing here is definitely a step above whet I have experienced on Android handsets (Galaxy S,Desire HD). It’s not perfect (and probably never will be anyway) but it finally seems like it’s usable contrary to the performance and overall crappiness of Flash 10.X on the Android devices I have. Now it remains to be see if the Android 2.X version of this plugin will results in the user experience especially when you take into account the it seems to be specifically tailored for the Tegra 2 Dual-Core chipset (and the vast majority of the Android phone are not Tegra 2 based or even Dual-Core). HTML5 is definitely the way of the future though.