4th & Mayor Windows Phone 7 Foursquare application completely trashes the official one

What does Microsoft’s Jeff Wilcox do on his spare time? Develop the best Foursquare application for windows Phone 7 and show everybody about developing in Silverlight for WP7 should be done. Jeff is a Senior Engineer on the Silverlight Windows Phone team and will have a talk about titled “Analyzing and Improving Windows Phone Application Performance” at next month’s MIX11 event. But the best you could do right now is actually try 4th & Mayor yourself and enjoy the best Foursquare UX on Windows Phone 7. I’ve shot a short video of the application in action that you can watch below:

here’s a table comparing the 4th & Mayor features against the Official Foursquare applications on Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS (click to zoom):

Update: Totally forgot to point the two cons I have with the preview build: No keyboard auto-correction/suggestion and it doesn’t run under the lock-screen (it resumes super fast though..).
Grab the Preview build directly from the 4th & Mayor website here.

Update: The Application is now freely available in the Markeplace here.