Google releases official AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 7

Google has just saved the day and announced the availability to the Beta SDK of Admob for Windows Phone 7. As you probably already know,Microsoft’s own Adcenter is only available to US residents, leaving every body else in the cold and forced to use third-party and un-officialy Ad controls instead. So it’s definitely nice to see Google stepping up and releasing an official Admob control for Windows Phone7 (it’s also fairly obvious that it was done because it helps them generate money … but that business as usual and for once also helps us developers).

One of the three core principles of our mobile ads business is ‘inclusiveness’; advertisers and developers should have access to the tools they need to reach users across many mobile platforms. More than 50,000 mobile applications across iOS, Android, and webOS platforms currently use AdMob’s monetization tools, and today, we’re excited to further expand our developer offerings with the launch of our beta SDK for Windows Phone 7.

With the Windows Phone 7 SDK, developers can easily integrate advertising into their applications, control where the ads appear, and what types of ads are shown in their apps. The SDK supports text and banner ads with a variety of post click actions including opening a webpage and linking directly to the App Marketplace.

We have also taken steps to customize the ad experience for the look and feel of the Windows Phone 7 platform and make it easy for users to return to their application after engaging with the ad. Publishers can download the new SDK today by logging into their AdMob account and adding a site type of Windows Phone 7.

Now can we please have an official YouTube client for Windows Phone 7?

source: Google via wmpoweruser

  • vangrieg

    Official YouTube client? Really? Not Google Maps?

  • Apone

    Silverlight only :(

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup no XNA support unfortunately.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Because if I had to guess I would say that there’s a bigger chance to have a Official YouTube app than a port of Google Maps. Especially when you factor in the fact that there’s still no compass API, and that GMaps is currently one of Android biggest selling point so even if Google does it it will probably suck compared to the Android version anyway. All eyes are now on Microsoft and the future integration of Ovi Maps into Bing Maps…but it’s going to take a while to materialize.