PlayStation Certified games coming to Tegra 2 powered Android devices

The Android ecosystem is about to see some consolidation in the near future and may become a viable gaming platform thanks to Sony recent investments. NVIDIA has just announced (via the Android Tegra Zone) that the PlayStation Suite framework and associated PlayStation Certified games will be compatible with Tegra 2 powered devices (tablets and handsets). Sony PlayStation certified games have so far only been shown running on Qualcomm’s MSM8X55 platform running on the Adreno 205 GPU like the Xperia Play which you can see in action in my hands on video here.

This news is sure to put some pressure on Microsoft and its Xbox Live platform on Windows Phone 7. Having NVIDIA as a partner will undoubtedly play a big role in the success of Sony’s Playstation Certified Android ecosystem. Microsoft is currently in a situation where they control everything from top to bottom (software/services/hardware) but the company may be in need of some flagship titles (not only ports of existing games..) that can showcase the platform and demonstrate how the tighter software/hardware integration of WP7 can compete with the more powerful Android devices.

via Tweakers