More details about the Microsoft Nokia partnership

Nothing really news breaking here but Mary Joe Foley has uncovered Nokia’s latest 20-F SEC Form which details the Microsoft partnership announced last month ahead of Mobile World Congress. All the information contained in it was basically already known if you watched the full webcast of the February 11th event. But the emphasis here is really put on the fact that, just like any big business partnership, this is going to be a long journey. Nokia may (or may not) start shipping its first Windows Phone 7 handset at the end of the year but the full transition is going to spread out until 2013.

Stephen Elop made it very clear that 2011 and 2012 are going to be transitional years for the company who has yet to finalized the deal with Microsoft. I personally think that Microsft (and Ballmer) did, in a sense, really overtake Nokia without outright buying it. The Software giant essentially gets most of the Finnish company’s assets like in exchange of practically nothing (besides the $1 billion):

“Nokia would bring assets such as its brand, hardware, productization, global reach, application store, operator billing support, maps and location­-based assets to the partnership. Microsoft would bring their next generation smartphone platform with Windows Phone, as well as search, broader advertising, ecommerce, gaming and productivity assets such as Bing, AdCenter, Xbox Live and Office.”

As you can see, most the Microsoft assets quote above (Bing,Office, Xbox Live etc) are basically already part of the Windows Phone 7 license that Nokia is going to pay for, while those of Nokia are essentially stuff that Microsoft will be able to use and integrate in all of it’s software portfolio. There’s a long road ahead for both companies and execution is what is going key to the success of this partnership. Missteps like the current update status of the OS and the recurrent bugs that have yet to be fixed are surely troubling so let’s hope that Microsoft can pull its head out of the water with the help of Nokia in the coming months.

source: Nokia via Mary Jo Foley

  • Sjoerd T B

    I know this is totally off-topic but i have a question about buying apps on windows phone 7 and this seemed like the best place to ask it as the information i read here is always correct in contrast with most other sites :D . I’ve bought an Omnia 7 in the netherlands and my marketplace location is England, the credit card i have is also set on a UK address. If i would buy an app from the marketplace is it possible to keep the app when i will switch to the dutch marketplace when it becomes available? Will the apps still be linked to my live account?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi Sjoerd,

    That’s a really good question that I unfortunately don’t know the exact answer. I personally don’t know if the purchased apps are linked to the Live ID or the Zune account that is linked to the Live ID. To switch to the Dutch Marketplace you will have to un-link your current UK Zune account from your Live Id (only possible to do via the Xbox 360 Dashboard..yes, that’s ridiculous) and create a Dutch Zune account (or Xbox Live account as they are essentially the same thing) that you will link to your Live ID. So, all in all it’s kind of a messy situation. If I was you I would stick with the UK Zune account (you will probably have access to more apps this way).