Burn It All Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live game released: Hands on video review

Wednesday’s Xbox Live Windows Phone 7 has just bee released for $2.99. Burn It Allis a casual 2D game in which you control little flames that you can use to set ropes on fire and move from one floor to another. It’s not super easy to describe the game so I’ll just paste the official description after the break and update this post with a hands-on video later. In terms of overall polish this is one of the best Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 right now. Controls are snappy, graphics are super nice and audio is pretty good too. Video review after the break:

Team up with your cousins in a fiery adventure to get your grandpa Volcano the fresh air he needs to stay blazing. One flame at a time, torch your way through Earth to the surface. All sorts of odd stuff has been scattered along your way to feed your natural urge to BURN IT AAAAAAALLLL!!!

The cousins are three small rocks who convey fire. You play one of them at a time:
1- Fill up with flames at the source,
2- drag your finger to your designated target,
3- set fire to it.
4- Repeat until satisfied!
5- Each screen is a floor – reach the top to succeed.

Seems simple? It is… but I haven’t told you about each cousin’s abilities, the materials and parasites, the water and gas, the Badabombs, the Key-zards, the “Single Player Cooperation”, the time loops… (Oops, I’ve said too much already… seriously, let’s not spoil it… yeah, sorry…)

Hurry up and grab the trial version here.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this last night on Marketplace, but I didn’t bother downloading it. It’s another MS Games Studio release…which means it will probably be plagued with major bugs that cause the game to constantly crash or simply stop loading after some time, given their track history. I’ll wait a few weeks and watch the reviews.