Official: NoDo coming out in the second half of March

No more rumors or fake dates folks. Microsoft (France) has just officially announced that the first “major” Windows Phone 7 update known as NoDo will be made available via the platforms updates system in the second half of March:

Nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous que cette mise à jour sera disponible pour la deuxième quinzaine de Mars via votre logiciel Zune. Une notification sera poussée sur l’ensemble des Windows Phone 7, vous permettant ainsi d’effectuer la mise à jour dans les meilleures conditions.

So, there you have it: just a few days left to wait and we will all be able to spam our contacts with nonsense thanks to the copy / past functionality (unless you are an HTC 7 Mozart, Trophy or HD7 owner). If I had to guess I would say that the previous update issues on Samsung devices is the cause of this delay.

Burn It All Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live game released: Hands on video review

Wednesday’s Xbox Live Windows Phone 7 has just bee released for $2.99. Burn It Allis a casual 2D game in which you control little flames that you can use to set ropes on fire and move from one floor to another. It’s not super easy to describe the game so I’ll just paste the official description after the break and update this post with a hands-on video later. In terms of overall polish this is one of the best Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 right now. Controls are snappy, graphics are super nice and audio is pretty good too. Video review after the break:

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